Slot Machines: What Online Casinos Try to Hide from You

Slot machines are very popular both at land-based and online casinos, because they are fun, easy to play, require no strategy to master and you can win a lot of money by investing very little and with no effort. If you enjoy playing slot machines, we recommend you watch this video, as we’re about to share with you 10 useful tips you should implement when playing slot machines in order to enjoy more and maybe even win big.

Tip #1: Take advantage of no deposit bonuses Today, almost every casino offers no deposit bonuses, so the players can try the casino and enjoy the games without risking a single dollar. Once the players had a taste of the casino and like it, they can deposit and start playing for real money and win prizes and money as well. Enjoying the no deposit bonuses allow you to play online slots for free, while giving you the chance to win real money.

Bear in mind that if you’ve made a substantial win, there is a chance you would be required to make a deposit in order to cash out your winnings, but that’s still real money you’ve won! Some casinos also offer its players free spins on top of the no deposit bonus, so enjoy that too and then decide whether you’d like to continue playing the casino and deposit real money to win even more.

Tip #2: Check out the competition Online casinos compete among themselves in order to attract new players, and like said earlier, offer free spins, match casino bonuses and more, so compare between the casinos to get the best offer for you.

You should check the wagering requirements, which means the amount you must bet before your bonus can be released as cash (this does not apply to no deposit bonus). With many online casino bonuses, you are unable to withdraw the bonus itself, and will only be able to withdraw it once you have met the wagering requirement. The lower the wagering requirements are, the better it is. Some casino bonuses also come with no wagering requirements which is even better for the beginning player. Also, try looking for casino bonuses that don’t come with a maximum cash out.

There are some online casinos that tend to limit the amount you can withdraw from your bonus winnings, but most do come in favor of the player because they wish them to stay and play with them.

Tip #3: Loose online slots? The term ‘loose slot’ goes back to times when mechanical slot machines had some mechanical defect that would make the slot loose, and therefore, more likely to pay out more often. Today, online slot machines use random number generators, so, one tip on how to win an online slot machine, is to look at the rate of how frequently they pay out.

Tip #4: Look for worthwhile online slot machines If you haven’t seen any wins from a specific online slot machine you’ve played a long time, then it is probably wise to move on. Still, remember the take into account the random number generators when picking an online slot machine to play, and know that every time you spin the reels, it is considered a unique event. This means that it doesn’t mean you will win the next spin if you’ve lost a lot earlier or vice versa. Every spin is unique on its own.

The more money you invest in an online slot machine does not mean it will increase your chances of winning at that specific slot. The Random Number Generator makes sure that each of your spins stands an equal chance of winning. That being said, if you are on a losing streak, maybe it’s time to move on and to try your luck at a different online slot.

Tip #5: Local jackpots vs progressive jackpots There are two types of jackpots: Local jackpots and Progressive jackpots. Local jackpots usually pertain to a specific casino so the money is generated from the players playing that slot game.

This way, the jackpot for the same game varies from one casino to another. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that pools players money from various participating online casinos. They come in multi-slot forms, with a group of online casinos working together to bring you an ever-increasing mega jackpot. Since not all online slots are created equally, with some slot machines paying at different rates, try playing a local jackpot first. Although the jackpot would be smaller, the chances of you hitting a jackpot are bigger than you hitting a progressive one, when you are competing with a large group of players. When you feel ready to invest more in order to win a lot more, try playing the progressive jackpots.

Tip #6: Free spins Because the online casino industry is highly competitive, they are also searching for new ways to lure new players to their website. So, in order to attract new players or try to get old players back to the casino, many online casinos offer free spins on online slots. Enjoy their offer and play for free, as these free spins are a great way to test the waters of a specific online slot or to get a feel for how best to place your bets and quite possibly, win without spending a cent at first.

Tip #7: Bet wisely Many websites advise to always ‘bet max’. The rationale behind this is that with slots having multiple paylines when you bet max, you can cash out big on multiple line winnings. This is essentially true.

However, at the same time, it is also important to remember that with random number generators, your chances of winning at online slots are the same, no matter if you are betting on all the paylines or less. Betting max will not boost your odds of winning, because each spin is separate on its own, no matter your wager. Also, you have to take into consideration that all online slots have a certain degree of volatility. Online slots with high volatility do not pay as often as you would like them to, but when they do, they tend to give you bigger winnings. Slots with low volatility tend to pay out smaller wins but on a more frequent basis.

For you to capitalize on high volatility machines, it would help to bet a little higher. You also need to take into consideration, factors such as multipliers, which could lead to massive wins. When it comes to low volatility slot games, it would be best to bet lower and to take a slower approach with the aim of hitting more wins.

If you don’t mind taking a bigger chance for your money, try the high volatility slots to try and win big.

Tip #8: Check the pay tables When searching for an online slot, it is recommended to have a peek at the pay tables and run your own research about the best games to play before parting with your money. Each online slot has its own unique pay table and variations can surprise you. These tiny variations in pay tables can ultimately make a significant difference on your bankroll in the long run.

Knowing that different online slots have added features and high pay tables, can boost your bankroll significantly when you play and win them.

Tip #9: Test before real money play The best way to improve your slots strategy and to learn more about the online slot you’re going to play with real money is to first try it for free. This way you can learn the slot, enjoy it and even win money before deciding to deposit and play for more in order to win a lot more. This also gives you plenty of chances to learn more about the pay tables, the features of the different slot machines and other in-game features such as multipliers and wilds.

Tip #10. Use the variety of bonuses that are offered to you A great way to boost your bankroll is to take advantage of the various online casino bonus offers that pop up from time to time. Online casinos tend to offer a variety of bonuses including weekly or seasonal bonuses to get you back to play at the casino if they haven’t heard from you in a while, and that’s okay. Sometimes these deals come out of nowhere, but thanks to the casino’s marketing departments, they tend to offer bonuses and incentives that can be increasingly generous to you as a player. Special promotions can revolve around a new game launch or special events and come in the form of free spins or reload bonuses. Make sure to read every email and text message that you receive from online casinos, as these offers tend to be generous and you should take advantage of them.

Overall, you can start playing and enjoy online slot machines for free, before deciding to deposit real money. Use bonuses and sign up for special offers, do your research and learn more about the pay tables of the casino games you’re about to play and after free practice, deposit real money in order to win some serious cash. Thank you for watching. Enjoy our channel with more videos, tips and strategies on how to beat the casino, both live and online, and don’t forget to like, share, and comment on our videos. Also, check our amazing promotions waiting just for you in the description section below, for free cash, no deposit bonuses and other great promotions you can claim right now on the leading casino rooms online.

Have a great day and go start your practicing.