Poker Games : How to Play Chinese Poker

Wow, there are a lot of different poker games in online casino. Hi, my name is Dean Hale, poker pro, and today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the game Chinese poker. In Chinese poker, you get dealt thirteen cards. The goal is to take those thirteen cards and make them into three different hands.

You’re going to have, the first hand which is going to be called the front. You will take five cards and make your best five card hand there. The next five cards will be what’s called your middle hand.

Then your last is going to be your back, and that is going to be three cards. Now, the front has to be able to beat your middle, and the middle has to be able to beat the front. Now, when you’re playing against some other people with Chinese poker, you’re obviously going to have your rules established as to what you’re playing, what points you’re playing to, how you’re going to determine when when the actual game is over. But you’re actually playing against everybody else at the table that has cards, so, they’ll all have their cards and thee idea is you want to have, the best scenario is to have your front, middle and back to beat everybody else’s front, middle, and back to take all three. It’s actually a little bit rare to have that happen, but it can happen upon occasion.

And remember, you want your front hand to be your best of your three hands. It has to beat your middle. If it doesn’t, your hand gets thrown out ’cause it does not qualify. Same holds true for your middle.

It has to be able to beat your uh, your third hand that is only three cards, or it again, it’ll be disqualified. When it, when it’s all, whenev, all the betting is done and things are turned over, you would just simply turn over your cards to decide and look who has the best hands. You will do it from left to right, with your your best five, your next five, and your last three. Chinese poker is a complicated game and what you want to do when you’re going to play this is you want to look up in a little more detail about how the scoring holds true, but this is the basics and you have to know: thirteen cards, five, five, and three. You’re making three different poker hands out of those thirteen cards that you were dealt.